Saturday, November 27, 2010

Venice Canals

Venice Beach, immediately south of Santa Monica, is not just a place where body builders come to show off. It's also where old hippies go to die. Much gray hair tied up in bandanas, sandals and puka shell necklaces -- all sported by 65 year-olds. Don't even ask what they're smoking.

But just two blocks inland from all that beach-front geriatric "alternative" lifestyle business are the spectacular and unique Venice canals. TV goers know the Venice canals as home to lifeguard David Hasselhoff on Baywatch. Movie fans will recognize the canals and bridges from the film "Nightmare on Elm Street."

Impossibly picturesque, these modest homes overlook small footbridges and strips of carefully tended vegetation. Just a couple of decades ago you couldn't give away one of these ramshackle abodes. After the recent gentrification of the area, however, you'd be lucky to find one for sale for less than two million dollars.

A video by a long-term resident of the Venice Canals:

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